Gail wants to forget that Martin proposed as she's scared that marriage will ruin everything. Des turns to drink in his depression. Phyllis makes him laugh to cheer him up. Ivy kids Don that Romans didn't wear underwear to wind him up about her costume. Percy gives Audrey his ideas for the WARTS float to run past Alf but she isn't bothered. Phyllis is upset when he compliments Vivian Barford. Andy borrows Liz's key to No.1 in order to transmit from there whilst the Barlows are away. Vicky joins them. Don accuses Angie of creating pornography. Liz hopes that Vicky will be a good influence on the twins. Next door, the girl in question breaks into Deirdre's sherry. Angie puts the finishes touches on the float. Alec doesn't like Vicky seeing Andy and Steve but Bet stops him from slagging them off in front of Vicky. Reg finds out that the WARTS are doing "Grocers of Olde Englande" for their float and scoffs. Martin doesn't understand why Gail won't marry him and shares his woes with Alma. Gail assures Martin that she loves him but doesn't think that's enough. Percy shows off his John Bull costume. Curly feels an idiot in his Mercury outfit. Reg loves his Bacchus dress and starts living the part. Des tells Martin he's got the best deal by not being married. Alma tells Gail that all that Martin is looking for is some commitment.


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