Liz plans to give up work to raise the child. Ivy doesn't like Barbara Platt as she was tiddly in front of the kids. Audrey pries into Alma's weekend with Ken but Alma gives nothing away. Reg leaves his spare key with Mavis when he expects a delivery. Rosie's teething keeps Sally awake at night. Barbara invites the Brennans over for tea to see the children. Don accepts on Ivy's behalf. He's embarrassed when Barbara tells him that Ivy warned her about her drunkenness. Steve works with Jim at the bike shop. The twins think something is wrong with Jim and Liz. Audrey pretends she knows what went on at the hotel to trick Ken into revealing that he and Alma spent the weekend in the same room. Mavis goes without her lunch break as she's still waiting on the delivery and doesn't want Rita to know that she's doing Reg a favour. Bet guesses that Liz is pregnant and tells her that she was pregnant three years ago to show that she isn't too old. A water bed is delivered to No.12. The surgery wants to monitor Liz as they're researching pregnancies in women in their thirties and forties. Reg brings flowers for Mavis but Rita thinks they're for her and throws them out. He delivers them to Mavis in the Rovers. Ivy is annoyed that Don accepted Barbara's invitation without consulting her. Audrey infuriates Alma by assuming that Ken concocted the hotel mix-up. Liz and Jim tell the lads that she's pregnant. They aren't impressed. Mavis finds Reg charming and thinks Rita has got him wrong. Jim announces the pregnancy in the Rovers and Liz realises she's going to have the baby now.


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