Episode 3286
Production code P694/2286
ITV transmission date 2nd October 1991 (Wednesday)
Story editor Tom Elliott
Trevor Suthers
Story associates Marvin Close
Writer Peter Whalley
Designer Stephen Fineren
Director John Darnell
Executive Producer David Liddiment
Producer Mervyn Watson
Previous episode 30th September 1991
Next episode 4th October 1991


Next day, Liz is annoyed with Jim for telling everyone in the Rovers. Jim is more concerned as to why she is getting so much attention from her doctor. Ivy and Don argue over Barbara looking after the Platt children. Ivy won't go over as she doesn't want to be accused of interfering. Alma again has to tell Audrey to keep quiet about her weekend with Ken. Jim visits Liz's doctor and finds out that she enquired about terminating the baby. Reg and Percy chase away two lads breaking into The Kabin. Don goes himself to the Platts' house and Barbara invites him to stay for his tea. He accepts and phones Ivy to tell her that he's working late. Reg helps Rita clear up and get a glazier. Liz confesses to Jim that she's confused about her pregnancy but is sure she'll be fine when the baby is due. They make up. Rita buys Reg and Percy a drink. Reg makes it clear that he thinks he's getting somewhere. Ivy finds out about Don's deception and tells him that he's forced her to make an appearance at the Platts now.


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