Episode 3287
Production code P694/2287
ITV transmission date 4th October 1991 (Friday)
Story editor Tom Elliott
Trevor Suthers
Story associates Marvin Close
Writer Peter Whalley
Designer Stephen Fineren
Director John Darnell
Executive Producer David Liddiment
Producer Mervyn Watson
Previous episode 2nd October 1991
Next episode 7th October 1991


Jim gets Andy to measure up the back yard. Rita feels obliged to have a drink with Reg at his flatwarming. Ivy calls at the Platts' on the way to Sunday mass. Barbara lets her take Nicky against his will when she gives the impression that he practices his Catholicism. Alma pretends she's cleaning the cafe to put Ken off and is embarrassed when he finds her in the Rovers. She realises she's being silly and agrees to go out with him. Father O'Rourke interests Nicky in the church football team. Andy correctly guesses that Jim is building an extension in the yard. Jim tells the family that he plans to take the kitchen out another seven feet and put a bedroom on top of it. He intends to do as much as he can himself to save money. Rita can't find anyone else who has been invited to Reg's flatwarming. Gail and Martin return from honeymoon. Nicky agrees to become an altar boy in order to join the St. Luke's football team. Rita is afraid she'll be the only guest at Reg's and drags Bet along so she isn't alone with him. Her suspicions prove correct although Reg pretends that everyone else he invited was too busy. Liz wonders if Jim has planning permission for the extension. Reg shows Rita and Bet his waterbed. Bet enjoys herself. Gail refuses to let Nicky be an altar boy. Nicky tells her that she can't stop him as Ivy won't let her.


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