Episode 3288
Production code P694/2288
ITV transmission date 7th October 1991 (Monday)
Story editor Tom Elliott
Trevor Suthers
Story associates Marvin Close
Writer Adele Rose
Designer Stephen Fineren
Director Spencer Campbell
Executive Producer David Liddiment
Producer Mervyn Watson
Previous episode 4th October 1991
Next episode 9th October 1991


Don tells Ivy she's obsessed. Ivy feels she's ensuring that Nicky grows up with decent values and she's sure that Gail will see that. Gail decides to let Nicky's obsession with St. Luke's fade naturally when Martin points out that he never stays interested in anything for long. Steve and Andy claim the new bedroom at No.11 in exchange for helping to build it. Jim decides not to bother with planning permission for the extension as the baby would be born by the time they began construction. When Vera's car breaks down she asks Kevin to look at it but he hasn't the time. Alma doesn't know if she's ready for another relationship. Don apologises to Gail for Ivy's behaviour but tells her she means well. Mavis is upset that she's too old to have children and is furious when Derek points out that he isn't. Kevin moans to Sally when he's reprimanded for being late at work, for the first time. He's sick of being treated like rubbish. Sally chides him for taking it out on her. Audrey urges Gail to be tougher on Ivy. Jim starts work on the extension. Sally wishes she'd shown Kevin more support. Gail forces herself to keep quiet when Ivy takes Nicky to church for practice. Vera is horrified that Jim is building in the backyard as it'll block her light. She orders Jack to stop him. Nicky takes possession of his cassock. Ivy is proud of him. Kevin has a bust-up with his boss and is sacked from Walker's Garage.


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