Episode 328
Episode 328
Production code P228/328
ITV transmission date 3rd February 1964 (Monday)
Stories by Harry Driver
George Reed
Writer Jack Rosenthal
Designer Peter Caldwell
Director Michael Beckham
Producer Margaret Morris
Previous episode 29th January 1964
Next episode 5th February 1964


Dennis can't sleep during days after his night-shift work at Amalgamated Steel. Walter sends him a letter from the south of France telling how well he's doing. Dennis worries that he'll be fired if he's late for work again. The club is granted a licence, depressing Swindley and causing Ena to tell him he's useless. He tells Emily he's not giving up. Ken tells Dave he's not been given the job of head of department because of the television interview. He dreads telling Val. Dennis goes to work thinking he's on time but the clock in No. 11 has stopped and he's half an hour late. Foreman Mick comes down heavy on him. The others ostracise him. Joyce Lennox joins Len for a drink in the Rovers. Laurie tries to buy Swindley a drink but he refuses. Swindley tries to drum up interest in a public meeting of protest, saying that Alderman Langton will be there but no one is interested. Val is short with Ken over the failed promotion. Dennis sends a load to Glasgow which should have gone to Leeds. He nervously starts to explain the error to Mick...


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