Episode 3292
Episode 3292
Production code P694/2292
ITV transmission date 16th October 1991 (Wednesday)
Story associates Paul Abbott
Graham Carlisle
Marvin Close
Elizabeth Malpas
Writer Adele Rose
Designer Diane Crossley
Director Brian Mills
Executive Producer David Liddiment
Producer Mervyn Watson
Previous episode 14th October 1991
Next episode 18th October 1991


Martin and Gail realise that it's stupid to row; they're on the same side. They tell Nicky he has to leave the St. Luke's team but he refuses. Vera holds a council of war with Jack and the Websters over Jim's extension. Kevin thinks that Vera has got it wrong as Jim would need planning permission if the extension was that big. He suggests they complain to the council. Nicky disobeys Martin and runs out of the house with his football kit. Alf wants to show Audrey his appreciation for running the shop but can't get out of the house. He gives Bet money when she visits him and asks her to buy carnations for his wife. Bet persuades him to stretch to an eternity ring and takes Alec to the jewellers so she can get one for herself. Jack asks Jim to clarify the size of the extension. When Jim insults Vera for rallying the neighbours against him, Jack nearly goes for him. Alec is horrified when Bet picks out a ring worth £1,000 and buys her a gold clock instead. Ivy watches Nicky playing football and is stunned when Martin appears and drags Nicky off the pitch. Liz begs Jim to talk to the Websters and Duckworths about the extension. Audrey is touched when Alf gives her the eternity ring. Martin is sorry for humiliating Nicky but Gail thinks he did the right thing. Nicky refuses to talk to either of them. Deirdre finds Ivy crying on her doorstep. Jim attempts to placate the Duckworths and Websters but ends up rowing with Vera. After he leaves, Jack reveals that he's contacted the council and an enforcement officer is being sent round.


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