Episode 3294
Episode 3294
Production code P694/2294
ITV transmission date 21st October 1991 (Monday)
Story associates Graham Carlisle
Marvin Close
Elizabeth Malpas
Writer Leslie Duxbury
Designer Diane Crossley
Director Ken Horn
Executive Producer David Liddiment
Producer Mervyn Watson
Previous episode 18th October 1991
Next episode 23rd October 1991


Alma and Ken oversleep. They're pleased that they spent the night together. Martin thinks he'll be able to win Nicky round before the social worker sees him. Kevin comes across a tin containing £61.50 which Sally has been saving up in case of emergencies. Liz is humiliated by the constant rows between Jim and the neighbours. Jim can't resist rising to Jack's barbs in the Street. Father O'Rourke visits No.5 to find out why Nicky has been taken off the St. Luke's team. Don tells him about Ivy's obsession with the Tilsley name. O'Rourke goes to Bettabuy and asks Ivy to be gentler in her efforts to have Nicky brought up in the faith. Reg makes her feel worse by having a go at her for having personal visits on company time. Des gives Kevin £100 and asks him to put it on a horse for him. Mike visits Deirdre and tells her he spent time in London after his split from Jackie. He doesn't tell anyone why he's back. Kevin puts £20 of his own money on but the horse falls. Liz uses her cunning to make Jim and Jack make the peace, letting Jack think he's won. Martin begins to make headway with Nicky by suggesting that they play football together. Ken invites Alma over for a meal to return the favour. Mike moves into the Rovers as a paying guest. Ivy blames Don for putting poison in Father O'Rourke's ear. Nicky refuses to play football with Martin. Sally discovers that her savings are £20 down.


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