Ivy is glad that she and Gail have made up. Don isn't as forgiving, knowing that she only made reparations to prevent being cut out of her grandchildren's lives. Kevin starts work in the garage unit. Liz slips on a wet patch on the Rovers' floor but stops herself falling completely. Alec feels she shouldn't be working in the pub whilst pregnant. Kevin agrees to point any bikers Jim's way. Bet refuses to get rid of Liz until she wants to go herself. Ivy is upset that Don has such a low opinion of her and resolves to put him first from now on. Alf is up and about again. Alec tells Jim about Liz's near-miss. Mark calls on Kevin and offers him cheap equipment. Kevin knows that Casey's Garage has gone bust and offers Mark low prices for the gear. Alec realises that Mike does have money and thinks about his old Graffiti plans. Bet tries to talk him out of it, remembering how Phil Jennings treated him. Jim believes that Alec is being a considerate boss but Liz tells him he's only worried about his profits and wants to replace her with a bimbo. She decides to give up the Rovers when she's had the baby and not before. Des's court date for setting fire to the boat nears. He's afraid he'll be handed a prison sentence. Mike tells Kevin they'll wait for the auction of Casey's equipment before agreeing to buy anything. Don takes a friend's shift so he can pick Julie Dewhurst up from the club. Alec asks Mike to go in with him, buying the Graffiti. Mike isn't interested. Don makes a date at the races with Julie.


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