Episode 3313
Production code P694/2313
ITV transmission date 4th December 1991 (Wednesday)
Story editor Trevor Suthers
Story associates Graham Carlisle
Marvin Close
Writer Tom Elliott
Designer Paul Rowan
Director Spencer Campbell
Executive Producer David Liddiment
Producer Mervyn Watson
Previous episode 2nd December 1991
Next episode 6th December 1991


Percy returns to Bettabuy when Curly changes the grotto signage to read 'Father Christmas'. Martin and Gail view No.8 with Mr Walmersley, the estate agent, and try to hide from Ivy. Betty tells Des Foster that Bet chose to stay behind and run the Rovers in Alec's stead to show that she'd devoted to him. Percy is underwhelmed by the size of his grotto. The Platts go to the building society to sort out a mortgage. Angie can't get a design job and realises she'll have to lower her sights. Betty warns Bet that people will talk about her and Des Foster. Bet doesn't care. Curly introduces Father Christmas to the children and opens the grotto. Percy surprises everyone by being good with the children. Mike tells Gail that he plans to have the cafe frontage painted. Gail thinks it's a good idea and is annoyed when Alma reminds her that she's the senior partner and refuses. Bet takes Angie on behind the bar until Alec returns. Audrey tells Ken that Mike is pestering Alma.


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