Alf's car is broken into and his radio cassette player is taken. Bet thanks Liz for stopping her from making a mistake and promises to keep her secret. Des Foster sends his lackey Greg Simpson to the Rovers to finish the decorating. Kevin finds Ken a £2,300 car at Leadbetters as a favour. Mike tells him to charge £200 commission and put it through the books and in exchange he'll get £100 for himself. Jack advises Angie to wear more revealing clothes as she'll get more tips. She spills her drink over him in response. The Brennans make an offer on the house in Fletcher Street. Vera tells Ivy that the Platts are buying No.8 after hearing it from Rita. Gail simultaneously tells Don, having felt guilty for not letting the Brennans know. Don is happy for her and tells her that they've had an offer on No.5. Ken likes the car and gives Kevin £20 as a thank you. Kevin feels like a cheat. Gail and Alma settle on brown and cream for the cafe frontage but Alma insists that the name stays the same. Kevin fixes Alf's car. Alf is interested when Steve offers him a new radio cassette player for £40. Ivy surprises Don by being glad that the Platts are starting afresh. Ken and Alma see a French comedy in Manchester. Alma is thrilled when he suggests a Christmas abroad. Bet asks Des Foster to call on her to clear the air. Jack sees him arrive in his car. Bet admits that she employed him to get back at Alec but couldn't bring herself to be unfaithful. They agree she did the right thing. Des tells her that he still fancies her.


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