Gail is taken aback when Ivy tells her she's glad they've got No.8. Alf buys the radio cassette from Steve when he assures him that it's not stolen. Bet receives a postcard from Alec saying he spends all his time below deck. Bet thinks he's lying for her benefit and is really enjoying himself. Betty warns Bet that people are talking about her and Des Foster. Bet doesn't care as the rumours aren't true. Kevin services the car free of charge before selling it to Ken. Mike tells him there'll be no more favours. Alma starts planning her Christmas away with Ken. Mavis asks Steve to get a radio for Derek. Jack tells Betty that he saw Des Foster at the Rovers at midnight. Betty begs Bet not to put her marriage at risk. Bet maintains that there's nothing going on. Audrey tells Mike that Alma and Ken are spending Christmas abroad. Ken pulls out of the car purchase when he finds out it's going through the company books; he refuses to give any money to Mike. Kevin insists he takes his £20 back. Steve sells Mavis a radio cassette player, telling her it came out of a wrecked car. Bet hears Jack spreading rumours and her and threatens to sack him if he carries on. Mike thanks Ken for leaving him to sell the car at a profit and promises to take Alma off him as well.


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Betty Turpin: "'Hey, we've been a couple of barmaids for a long time, 'aven't we?"
Bet Gilroy: "Long enough, Betty love."
Betty Turpin: "You were only my junior when Mrs Walker took you on and now look. You've really done somethin' with your life."


Deirdre Barlow: "Ken, you are the only bloke I know who irons a crease in his pullovers... you are not a creature of impulse."

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