Sally is disappointed in Kevin for letting Ken mess him about. Alf recognises Derek's new radio cassette as the one that was stolen from his car. Following Angie's suggestion, he goes through the pre-set radio settings which are exactly the same as his. Des Foster finishes off the bedrooms at the Rovers. He's amused that the residents think he and Bet are back together. Alf and Derek confront Jim and about the radio. Mike stops Kevin from buying the car and admits that he was only after it to get one over on Ken. Kevin doesn't like being used as a pawn to settle old scores. Jim tells Steve that the radios are nicked. Steve pleads innocence and promises not to sell any more. Jim replaces Alf's old radio cassette and gets Steve to buy Derek a new one. He gets Alf to drop talk of police, pinning the blame on Steve's mate. Alf thinks Jim is just covering for Steve. Jim is annoyed when Mavis asks him to confirm that Derek's replacement radio isn't stolen. Alma assures Ken that she isn't getting back with Mike. Ivy stays away from the Rovers because of the rumours about Bet and Des. Don thinks it's because she doesn't want to be reminded about him and Julie Dewhurst. Alma marks Mike's card but he doesn't take any notice and invites her out to dinner. She tells him to get lost. Liz learns from Rita all about Steve and the stolen radios. Alf decides he'll have to call the police in as he's a councillor. Bet pays Des. He tells her that he'll see her around.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Is Steve McDonald a thief? Is Bet being unfaithful? Where are the residents getting their information from?
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 20,620,000 viewers (1st place - combined figure including repeat).
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