Liz is furious that Steve has been handling stolen goods and that she had to hear about it from Rita. Alf decides not to report Steve as he doesn't want to fall out with the McDonalds. Audrey thinks he's a mug. Bet longs for company at the Rovers. Jim and Deirdre convince Liz that she has nothing to worry about from Alf. Mavis tells Alf that she and Derek feel the law should deal with Steve. She pressures him to go to the police. Alma worries that Ken is avoiding her. Martin takes Sarah Louise to see Santa Percy. Mike tells Tracy that if she wants her parents back together she should get them to spend Christmas together. Alf gets sick of Audrey and the Wiltons telling him what to do and finishes work early to get peace. Andy considers taking driving lessons. Vicky's friend goes down with measles. Vicky phones Bet and says she will spend Christmas at the Rovers. Alf argues with the Wiltons that it's his right as the injured party to be magnanimous. They see his point. Tracy tells Deirdre she wants a family Christmas, including Ken. Deirdre agrees for Tracy's sake. Ken tells Alma that he's booked them a Christmas holiday in the Cotswolds. Alma is delighted.


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Bet Gilroy: "Well, if Alma doesn't fancy it... I'll go."
Rita Fairclough: "Hey, you're pushing it lady. Alec could just turn up unexpected."
Bet Gilroy: "I would not go swanning off without leaving him a note. 'Gone away with Ken Barlow, make yourself some chips'... I'd do it - I would!"

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