Derek is excited at the prospect of working at The Kabin. Steve plans to go to a party in Liverpool. Vicky returns for Easter to find the Rovers in chaos as Mick Dexter and the builders have taken the kitchen to pieces. Bet is annoyed when the bathroom toilet is blocked up so she has to use the ladies. She insists that Alec takes them out for a meal to compensate. Steve is pleased to see Vicky and arranges to take her to the pictures; Alec doesn't trust him. Steve is annoyed when his family laugh at him going out with a fifteen-year-old. Mike sees his solicitor and tells Alma that he'll contest the divorce. Vicky gets Steve to admit he sent her a Valentine card. They are about to kiss until Alec sees them. Vicky is embarrassed when Alec sends her to her room. Stella Rigby contacts Bet and asks her to fill a booking for a holiday in Tenerife. Bet agrees to go.


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