Episode 3373
Episode 3373
Production code P694/2373
ITV transmission date 20th April 1992 (Monday)
Story editor Trevor Suthers
Story associates Graham Carlisle
Marvin Close
Jan McVerry
Writer Peter Whalley
Designer Paul Rowan
Director Stephen Butcher
Executive Producer David Liddiment
Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Previous episode 17th April 1992
Next episode 22nd April 1992


Mike invites Alma to move in with him. Betty finds the gadgets in the new kitchen hard to operate. Rita avoids Ted, not being able to cope with his illness. Betty is upset when her hotpots aren't ready as she hasn't mastered the timer on the cooker. Mike is shocked when Alma refuses to move in with him until they are married. He thinks that the idea is pathetic. Alec lays into Betty about the hotpots. She is grateful when Vicky blames the cooker. Steve tells Vicky that the party was awful and arranges to take her out. Ted apologises to Rita for not telling her about his illness before. He tells her that he'll understand if she wants them to finish and promises to stay away until she's reached her decision.


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