Episode 3416
Production code P694/2416
ITV transmission date 27th July 1992 (Monday)
Story associates Graham Carlisle
Jan McVerry
Elizabeth Malpas
Writer Peter Whalley
Designer Paul Rowan
Director Brian Mills
Executive Producer David Liddiment
Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Previous episode 24th July 1992
Next episode 29th July 1992


Don refuses to return to No.5 when he's discharged. Joe Lewis of Social Services wants to help but he refuses to get back with Ivy. Alec doesn't know where he's going to find the VAT money. Raquel is stunned when Angie admits that she doesn't like her and finds her in the way at No.7. Angie calls her a bimbo. Reg tells Curly that he's going to the Costa del Sol and can't go to the annual management dance so he gives the invite to Curly. Social Services tell Ivy that it's a common reaction to hit back at loved ones and Don is bound to come round. Ivy is given fresh hope. Alec lying, tells the staff that he found the spider and the mouse side by side, dead. Raquel is pleased and moves back in to get away from Angie. Ted agrees with Rita that the Wiltons should know the truth. Vera suggests to Curly that he tries to find a partner at a dating agency. He scoffs at the idea. Rita and Ted tell the Wiltons about the brain tumour. They are stunned. Mavis comforts Rita, Derek feels awful. Vicky is sick of having no money to spend. She is pleased when Steve tells her that he doesn't want to go to Ireland. Don tells Ivy that he's definitely not returning to her. She accuses him of breaking her heart.


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