Ivy refuses to return to work until she has sorted Don out. Vicky tackles Alec about increasing her allowance but he refuses. Derek realises that Rita will return to work after Ted's death and he'll be job hunting again. Don leaves hospital. With Frank Haskins' help he moves into the Wentworths Guest House at 191 Ashdale Road. Landlady Eileen Wentworth takes charge of him. Mr Steele, the health inspector, calls at the Rovers to check the kitchens are still clean. He tells Liz she must wear a hat in the kitchen. During his inspection, Alec sees the spider in the kitchen and is forced to catch it in his hand and squash it. Curly contacts Cupid's Arrow Introduction Bureau to make an appointment. Ivy can't believe Don hasn't returned home, she feels he must be with Julie. Frank tells her he's in a bedsit.


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Alec Gilroy: "You know, sometimes I think I'm in hell."

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