Sally doesn't like spending the day at No.8. Bet shows Vicky how to pull a pint from the pump. Alec is annoyed and accuses Bet of dragging her up like a barmaid. He leaves for Southampton. Steve enjoys it when Susie Johnson, a girl from school, flirts with him. Gail shouts at Steve for spending his time with Susie instead of helping at the cafe. Sally struggles looking after Nicky and Sarah Louise during the holidays. She can't control Nicky and he smashes a table lamp with a ball. Vicky cooks Steve a meal at his house. He assures her that Susie is just a friend - she was the school slag. Sally thinks Gail feels she lets Nicky walk all over her. Curly shows Kimberley his house. She is impressed. She agrees to go to the Bettabuy dance with him but is horrified to discover that Curly has a female lodger.


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Raquel Wolstenhulme (to Mavis Wilton): "Do you like the name Wayne? I'm not sure I do. You catch yourself when you say things like 'Eh, Wayne' and 'Do you think it's going to rain, Wayne?'"
Derek Wilton (Soon afterwards, to Mavis as Raquel listens): "It's not going to rain again. Anyway, I'm on the train."
Raquel Wolstenhulme: ", I don't like the name Wayne."

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