Episode 3426
Episode 3426
Production code P694/2426
ITV transmission date 19th August 1992 (Wednesday)
Story associates Graham Carlisle
Tom Elliott
Jan McVerry
Elizabeth Malpas
Writer Julian Roach
Designer Paul Rowan
Director Charles Lauder
Executive Producer David Liddiment
Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Previous episode 17th August 1992
Next episode 21st August 1992


Steve upsets Vicky by openly flirting with Susie Johnson. Curly tells Brendan Scott about his engagement - Brendan congratulates him, telling him that he's done the right thing. Alec discovers Steve is entertaining a girl at No.11 and calls round demanding to see Vicky, only to find Susie. Ivy pours out her feelings to Father O'Rourke, explaining how Don hates her. She is distraught that he's going to Hell because he tried to kill himself. He tells her that she must forgive God for everything and advises her to look within to see if the seed of hate is in her. Brenda Taylor is pleased with the engagement, Angie is puzzled by it. Bet tells Alec that she's sick of him taking everything for granted; she's never even seen Southampton. Kimberley tells Curly to get Angie out of No.7.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Who is Steve entertaining in his bedroom?
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 16,610,000 viewers (3rd place - combined figure including repeat).

Notable dialogueEdit

Angie Freeman: "So you spent all night sucking up to the big chiefs did yer?"
Curly Watts: "I don't have to suck up! Listen, when it comes to applying saliva to the posterior, you can't compete with Reg Holdsworth."

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