Episode 3446
Episode 3446
Production code P694/2446
ITV transmission date 5th October 1992 (Monday)
Story associates Graham Carlisle
Marvin Close
Jan McVerry
Writer Frank Cottrell Boyce (Credited as "Frank Cottrell-Boyce")
Designer Paul Rowan
Director Julian Farino
Executive Producer David Liddiment
Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Previous episode 2nd October 1992
Next episode 7th October 1992


Rita desperately wants to remember Ted but doesn't have enough memories of him. Vera feels sorry for Ivy and tells Jack that he must give her Don's new address but Jack has promised Don not to tell her. Kevin tells Mike that he's fed up with working for little money and always being rushed off his feet. Lisa is troubled when Raquel tells her that Terry won't be happy to hear she's been spending time with Des. Jim is annoyed when Steve lounges around all day on the dole with Susie Johnson. Jack is talked into giving Don's address to Vera. Ivy secretly spikes her orange juices with vodka in the Rovers. She is thrilled when Vera gives her Don's address. Rita looks through Ted's things and realises that she was nothing to Ted. She feels she was only therapy for him. Mike takes Steve on for £10 a day to help Kevin. Steve decides to carry on claiming the dole. Kevin is annoyed as he just wanted more money through working overtime. Ivy calls on Don and is surprised to find that he's coping very well. He shows off his new CD player. He tells her that he's glad they can be friends, it's too much for Ivy and she has to leave before she breaks down. Angie is discontented at work. Ivy gets drunk and is furious when she's refused drink at the Rovers. She breaks down, saying she's lost everything.


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