Episode 3453
Episode 3453
Production code P694/2453
ITV transmission date 21st October 1992 (Wednesday)
Story associates Graham Carlisle
Marvin Close
Jan McVerry
Julie Rutterford
Writer Martin Allen
Designer Paul Rowan
Director Brian Mills
Executive Producer David Liddiment
Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Previous episode 19th October 1992
Next episode 23rd October 1992


Percy decides to join the El Alamein parade in Blackpool. Vera refuses to babysit for Lisa in an attempt to keep her in the house. Derek is interviewed by Mrs Jeffers and the Caretaking Officer of Weatherfield Comprehensive. They feel he's overqualified. He tells them that he needs to work to keep his dignity. Klaus Muller tracks Percy down and tells him that he was under his control as a POW in the War. He thanks Percy for showing him kindness. Klaus tells him the German soldiers adored him and his cooking. Percy doesn't want to encourage him but Emily pushes him to be friendly. Derek is given the deputy caretaker's job. Percy is moved by some of Klaus' stories from the War. He begins to like him. They find they have a lot in common and Percy is persuaded to join Klaus in the Weatherfield parade. Ken bumps into Maggie Redman in evening class. She teaches flower arranging. He takes her for a quick drink. She tells him that she'd like to see more of him. Percy and Klaus get drunk together on schnapps and sing "Lili Marleen".


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