The ceiling is repaired and the club is readied for opening. Annie thinks the days of the Rovers being busy are over. Ena and Minnie can't get an answer from Martha. Elsie and Dennis gets smartened up for the opening. Dennis tries to give her tips as to how to handle the customers for a portion of her tips but she's dismissive of his efforts. Ken and Val ask Jerry and Myra to go to the club opening with them but only Myra accepts. Unseen, she dips into the housekeeping money to fund the night. Martha finally lets Ena and Minnie into her house. Ena guesses that Martha made a fool of herself. She admits that Ted Ashley didn't ask her to marry him and that she spent her time sight-seeing alone. Annie is furious that Martha cleaned at the club but didn't turn up for her job at the Rovers. The clubs opens and a lucky black cat is the first to enter. The Rovers is almost empty of customers. Annie takes Martha to task for disloyalty. The club is packed with Elsie in charge of the roulette table. Myra starts to lose all her money. A smart woman turns up and buys £10 of chips. Jack admits he's worried about the lack of custom. The smart woman loses £15 on the table. Myra suddenly wins. Martha wonders if she's wasted her life. The smart woman is cleaned out and looks for her husband for more - she approaches Laurie. Elsie is stunned.


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  • The programme title is displayed over a panning shot of the photocaption of terraced streets used for the closing credits.
  • This episode carries no cast credits, only production credits.
  • In a production error which makes the transmitted episode, Violet Carson says her line that the meter has emptied in 7 Mawdsley Street before the lights on the set are dimmed.
  • TV Times synopsis: Life at the club has its surprises as Dennis and Elsie find out
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 8,640,000 homes (1st place).
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