Episode 3461
Episode 3461
Production code P694/2461
ITV transmission date 9th November 1992 (Monday)
Story associates Graham Carlisle
Marvin Close
Jan McVerry
Julie Rutterford
Writer Adele Rose
Designer Paul Rowan
Director Howard Baker
Executive Producer David Liddiment
Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Previous episode 6th November 1992
Next episode 11th November 1992


Carmel eagerly does all the housework at No.8. With Randolph Taylor's operation set for January, Kimberley tells Curly that she wants to marry in April. Phyllis trips in the Street and scratches her knees. Doug comes to her aid and drives her home. Harry Potts gets Derek to clean out all the drains by himself. Lisa is confused by her feelings for Des as she loves Terry. She decides to stay away from Des. Derek decides to resign; he can't take Potts anymore. Curly decides to build an observatory for his telescope in the attic. Angie warns him that Kimberley might not be supportive. Richard Willmore tells Bet that she has to enter the Rovers in a superquiz to boost trade. Maggie thanks Ken for helping her to enjoy herself again. Bet is trapped into accepting Reg as team leader for the superquiz.


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