Episode 3467
Episode 3467
Production code P694/2467
ITV transmission date 23rd November 1992 (Monday)
Story associates Jan McVerry
Julie Rutterford
Marvin Close
Writer Peter Whalley
Designer Paul Rowan
Director Eugene Ferguson
Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Previous episode 20th November 1992
Next episode 25th November 1992


Carmel searches for a bedsit. Derek tells Mrs Jeffers that he wants to resign as he can't stand being Harry's whipping boy. He is stunned when she tells him that she knows Harry is a bully and she wants rid of him. She asks Derek to stay and help her get rid of Harry by keeping a log of all he does. Derek agrees to act as her spy. Jack warns Vera not to alert Terry to Lisa's social life. Terry is amazed that Vera has arranged a special visit just to tell him that he's forgotten Lisa's birthday. She slips up and tells him that Lisa has been going out with Des. She urges him to show Lisa how much he loves her. Carmel finds all the bedsits are rotten. Alma offers let Carmel rent her old flat, but Carmel says she's looking for somewhere bigger. Angie pays Mike the £20 for using his machinery. He is shocked when she admits she made £200 out of the venture. He tells her that he's interested in her designs. Kimberley works out that Curly has spent £2,000 on his conversion. She demands that he sends the telescope back. When he refuses she tells him that he has to decide between the telescope and her.


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