Gail and Martin try to push Carmel into finding a flat but she's in no hurry. Gail is frustrated that Carmel is taking over. Curly doesn't like the idea of Angie going out with Neil. Sally asks Kevin to warn Martin that Carmel is after him but Kevin thinks that Sally's imagining it. Sally tells Carmel that there's nothing wrong with the Platts' marriage and Martin is happily married. Carmel turns on the tears, telling Sally that she's just trying to make trouble for her. Carmel tells the Platts that Sally has upset her by saying she's in the way. Gail wants to talk to Sally about it but Carmel makes her promise to forget about it. Angie cooks a romantic meal for Neil. Tracy fears Ken is going to get hurt over Mark. Phyllis agrees to be Bettabuy's Mother Christmas. Angie is stunned to learn from Denise that Neil is her husband.


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