Carmel tells Martin she doesn't want to go home for Christmas. Alf eats one of his puddings in the Rovers, watched by the regulars. Jack ends up losing his £5 bet with Doug when Alf eats every crumb. Reg is thrilled that profits are up despite the recession. Ken and Deirdre get Tracy to promise not to tell Mark about his real father. Audrey and Alf go to the WARTS Christmas dinner. He eats too much and collapses during the meal, clutching his chest. Audrey hysterically tries to help him, screaming for an ambulance. Martin goes to the hospital porters' Christmas party. Gail leaves Carmel looking after the kids to be with Audrey at the hospital. Reg asks Rita to spend Christmas with him. She refuses so he asks Bet. She also refuses. Audrey breaks down, certain that Alf has died. The doctor tells her that he's out of danger and doesn't think it was a heart attack. Ken is pleased when Maggie invites him for Christmas. Gail stays the night with Audrey, phoning Carmel to tell Martin. Martin returns home completely drunk and gets into bed unaware that Carmel is lying beside him.


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