Alma is furious that Mike has never told her that he's got a son. He tells her Mark is the most important thing in his life. She feels that he'll leave her and live with Maggie. She becomes hysterical as she knows that he's always wanted a family and she's too old to have one. Mike assures her that Maggie means nothing to him but he wants to give Mark a present. Alma breaks down and tells Gail about Mike's son. Gail is furious that Mike is forever hurting Alma. Mike buys a radio-controlled XJS although he promised Alma he wouldn't get Mark a present. Des and Curly head off to Blackpool. Audrey makes Alf eat grapes whilst she eats pork as he's forgotten their wedding anniversary. Des and Curly go to a nightclub. Neil is still in love with Denise and tries to make her jealous by kissing Angie in front of her. Mike tells Alma that they'll forget all about Mark but she catches him wrapping Mark's present.


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