Episode 3492
Episode 3492
Production code P694/2492
ITV transmission date 20th January 1993 (Wednesday)
Story associates Graham Carlisle
Marvin Close
Jan McVerry
Writer Frank Cottrell Boyce
Designer Paul Rowan
Director Eugene Ferguson
Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Previous episode 18th January 1993
Next episode 22nd January 1993


Tracy angers Deirdre by announcing her plans to visit a new club with Debbie Dawson. Deirdre realises she can't stop her but warns her that she'll get hurt. Harry Potts agrees to meet Sally when Derek tells him that the press will be there. Alma is stricken when Mark introduces himself to her, as Mike's son. Doug takes Denise to The Sportsman but she isn't impressed as it's full of kids. Tracy and Debbie are there, drinking lager and covered in make-up. Denise refuses to stay, telling Doug that it's obvious they've got different tastes. She walks out. Before he can follow, drunken Tracy dumps herself on him, telling him that she feels sick. Alma tells Ken she doesn't want Mark to meet Mike. She begs him to help her stop it from happening; Mike hasn't got enough love to share. Deirdre tells Emily all about Tracy knowing and the way she's treating her. Doug brings Tracy home. Deirdre is furious to see her drunk and shocked when Tracy, declaring love for Doug, kisses him on the mouth. Emily finds the scene embarrassing and leaves. Deirdre sends Tracy to her room. Alma tells Mike that Mark knows who he is. Mike is thrilled and toasts to fatherhood.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Tracy Barlow has a big night out - but things don't turn out quite as planned.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 19,410,000 viewers (3rd place - combined figure including repeat).
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