Sally is pleased when Percy offers to count all the vehicles that are using the Street. Alma feels that she'll be excluded if Mike and Mark start a relationship. Deirdre takes the morning off to find out what happened to Tracy. Tracy tells her that Doug bought her drinks and they had a good time. Deirdre accuses Doug of pouring drink down Tracy's throat. He explains that all he did was bring Tracy home. He swears that he wouldn't seduce a teenage girl and she believes him. Percy camps outside No.3, conducting his traffic survey. He is annoyed when Phyllis joins him to keep him company. Derek introduces Mavis to Harry Potts and is disgruntled when she finds him charming. The press turn up to interview Sally and take pictures of her and Percy. Harry tries to take over the interview but Percy shouts him down. Deirdre tries a new tactic with Tracy - indifference. It unnerves Tracy. When Doug suddenly arrives, Tracy realises that Deirdre knows the truth. Deirdre makes her apologise to Doug. Mike tells Maggie that Mark needs him. Maggie refuses to do any deals with him, saying that she wants nothing to do with him. Mark finds Maggie crying and tells Mike to leave them alone; he wants nothing to do with him.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Sally finally gets the chance to put her case to Harry Potts. Will he listen?
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 19,440,000 viewers (2nd place - combined figure including repeat).
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