Deirdre asks Tracy if she takes drugs. Tracy is indignant and says that she doesn't. Tracy tells Deirdre that she's sure Doug fancies her but she's not interested. Doug receives a cheque for £2,000 but he can't cash it because he's bankrupt. Kevin refuses to cash it in case the taxman finds out. Percy and Sally work out the traffic flow has increased 500% since the one-way system. Emily joins the campaign and suggests that they write to their MP. Doug asks Deirdre to put the cheque through her account. She refuses as it's illegal. He is annoyed as he thought that she was a mate. Tracy tells Doug he can put his cheque through her building society account. He thanks her but refuses. She feels patronised. Sally is furious when the Gazette runs her story with a picture of Harry Potts. Maggie tells Mark all about her relationship with Mike, she admits he charmed her but she didn't love him. She tells him that she won't stand in his way if he wants to get to know Mike but urges him to be careful. Alma tells Mike that she's sick of the way he takes her for granted; they only ever seem to talk about his son. He accuses her of being hysterical and then asks if she's going through the change of life and is bitter that she can't have kids. She is stunned by his insensitivity.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Doug needs a friend to make his dreams come true.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 19,960,000 viewers (1st place - combined figure including repeat).
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