Episode 3495
Episode 3495
Production code P694/2495
ITV transmission date 27th January 1993 (Wednesday)
Story associates Graham Carlisle
Jan McVerry
Julie Rutterford
Writer Paul Abbott
Designer Paul Rowan
Director Spencer Campbell
Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Previous episode 25th January 1993
Next episode 29th January 1993


Doug asks Denise to process his cheque but she refuses. He is angry that no one wants to help him. Des has the house valued. Lisa can't wait to move away. Mark calls at the garage to see Mike. They both feel nervous. Mark asks Mike why he didn't want him. Mike explains that it would have been bad for Mark growing up with parents who disliked each other. Mark is pleased when Mike admits to being jealous of Harry Redman. A "For Sale" sign goes up outside No.6. Phyllis is upset at the thought of Des moving. Curly hopes to wine and dine Angie but Neil calls round. Doug realises that the only way he's going to get his money is take Tracy up on her offer. She promises Deirdre will never know. Vera is distraught to discover that Des and Lisa are moving. She doesn't want to lose another grandson. Mike takes Mark home, promising Maggie that he told Mark the truth - she's not the only one who cares for him.


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