Episode 3505
Production code P694/2505
ITV transmission date 19th February 1993 (Friday)
Story associates Marvin Close
Tom Elliott
Jan McVerry
Writer Barry Hill
Designer Paul Rowan
Director Eugene Ferguson
Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Previous episode 17th February 1993
Next episode 22nd February 1993


The Council drops the one-way system. Sally is congratulated for her campaign but she feels it's not much consolation for Lisa. Des is adamant that he's going to attend Lisa's funeral so Curly goes with him. Terry attends the funeral with warders. He tells Vera he feels nothing for Lisa anymore. Des watches the burial from a distance, when he goes to the graveside the Duckworths and Hortons turn on him, all blaming him for Lisa's death. Des declares his love to Lisa's coffin. Knowing Doug is meant to be taking Deirdre out, Tracy tells him that she'll give him the money at a wine bar that night. Jack is certain he can't afford to bring Tommy up but Vera is adamant they'll cope. Tracy tells Debbie Dawson that Doug is breaking a date with her mum for her. The Hortons try to take Tommy to Blackpool but Terry wants Vera to keep him. Tracy dresses up and tries to seduce Doug at the wine bar. She is upset when he only seems to be interested in his money. When she confesses that she hasn't got it he is furious, telling her she's a stupid child playing a dangerous game.


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