Episode 3509
Production code P694/2509
ITV transmission date 1st March 1993 (Monday)
Story associates Marvin Close
Tom Elliott
Jan McVerry
Writer Paul Abbott
Designer Paul Rowan
Director Howard Baker
Charles Lauder
Brian Mills
Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Previous episode 26th February 1993
Next episode 3rd March 1993


Steve phones Vicky and invites her to help him sell T-shirts at a gig in Birmingham. She doesn't think that she can leave school. She tells headmistress Dr Carr that Alec isn't well and she wants to visit him in Weatherfield. Dr Carr believes her. Neil looks over the flat for Angie, telling her that it's a bargain. Nicky thinks that Mike's wonderful, the way he spends money on Mark. He is annoyed when Gail tells him that she doesn't want him going out with Mark and Mike as they can't afford it. Vera is annoyed when Patricia Nabie of Social Services checks up on Tommy. Vera is tired as his is teething. The social worker tells Vera that she's entitled to help about the house. Vera feels that if she claims for money the Social will take Tommy to live in Blackpool as the Hortons have more money. Gail is annoyed when Audrey feels that she's neglecting the children by not giving them treats. Audrey offers to give her money but Gail refuses, saying she doesn't want the children being brought up spoilt. Vicky and Steve have a laugh selling the T-shirts. He gives her £50 for helping him. He gets rid of the illegal T-shirts he hasn't sold so Mike doesn't see them. Angie hopes that Neil will move in with her. The battery in Steve's car goes dead so he calls Dr Carr to say Alec has taken a turn for the worse. He gets a hotel room for the night, admitting to Vicky that he left the car lights on on purpose. Vicky is pleased.


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