Gail is impressed when Martin gets a £400 tax rebate. Jack is exhausted, working all day and awake with Tommy all night. Bet is concerned as Jack's too tired to work properly. She warns Vera that she's pushing him too much. Curly advertises for a male lodger. Denise tells Angie that Neil is serious about her. Angie is pleased. Carmel Finnan calls looking for Martin. Alf promises to support Harry Potts. Harry takes a fancy to Bet. Denise is shocked when Neil tells her that he wants to stop the divorce and give their marriage another go. He tells her that he still loves her. Denise tells him that he can't hurt Angie. Gail and Martin are horrified to find Carmel at No.8. Carmel tells Martin he's hurt her by avoiding her at college. She tells Martin, in front of Gail and Ivy that she's carrying his baby.


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