Gail is cold towards Martin who realises that he should have told Gail straight away. Don feels that he's let Martin down by telling Ivy. Audrey tells Alf that Reg has offered her a job in the hope of seeing him explode. He disappoints her by playing it cool, telling her that it would be a good idea. Jim starts collecting money from Bettabuy in his security van. Neil tells Denise that Angie doesn't mean anything to him. Denise feels sorry for her. She asks Neil to leave her alone. Emily tells Percy that he should be a gentleman and help Phyllis out as she needs the £100. Martin tells Carmel that she's wrecking his marriage. He tells her that he knows he can't be her child's father. He pleads with her to stop fooling around and to stay out of his life. Ivy tells Audrey about Martin and Carmel. Gail is annoyed that Audrey knows. She tells Ivy to keep her mouth shut in future. Percy agrees to have the meal with Phyllis when she promises to act like a lady. Carmel is confident that Martin will leave Gail. Audrey calls Alf's bluff and decides to take Reg's job. Alf is forced to warn Reg off. Martin tells Gail that he's giving up his course as he can't stand seeing Carmel again.


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