Episode 3522
Production code P694/2522
ITV transmission date 31st March 1993 (Wednesday)
Story associates Russell T. Davies
Marvin Close
Julie Rutterford
Writer Ken Blakeson
Designer Chris Truelove
Director Howard Baker
Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Previous episode 29th March 1993
Next episode 2nd April 1993


Vera decides to sell her car as they need money. Raquel offers to run the Rovers in Bet's absence. She is disappointed when Bet diplomatically tells her that she's too young. Maureen asks Reg not to ignore her but he doesn't know where he stands with her. He tells her that he needs time to adjust but is hopelessly in love with her. Maureen is touched and tells Reg she wants to continue seeing him. Raquel is miffed that Bet has asked Liz to run the pub and is cool towards her. Bet arranges with Richard Willmore for Liz to take over on the condition that she sleeps in. Des realises the Duckworths must be in dire straits if they're having to sell the car. He tells Doug that they could help out if they agreed to change their statements. Doug tells him that he's talking stupid. Reg decides to face Maureen's mother. Percy goes to Prestwich to call on Olive Clarke. They reminisce about Nobby and the old days. Kevin values Vera's car at £1,100. She is disappointed it isn't more. Rita is pleased when Bet invites her to Tenerife. John Hargreaves, the driver who killed Lisa, calls on Des to tell him how awful he feels. He feels awful about Tommy as he has a child the same age. Des realises that he is genuine.


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