Episode 3535
Episode 3535
Production code P694/2535
ITV transmission date 30th April 1993 (Friday)
Story associates Marvin Close
Julie Rutterford
Jan McVerry
Writer John Stevenson
Designer Chris Truelove
Director Gareth Morgan
Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Previous episode 28th April 1993
Next episode 3rd May 1993


Alf refuses to sell up the Corner Shop, feeling Audrey only wants to spend his money. Reg feels that Maud will always stop him and Maureen from consummating their love. He tells Maureen they'll take the afternoon off and spend it in his flat. Percy spruces himself up to be with Olive Clarke. He tells her she's a handsome woman. Phyllis accuses Olive of chasing Percy because his picture was in the magazine. The McDonalds celebrate when Richard Willmore accepts them as trainee managers. Jack is sickened. Derek sets about refitting the stockroom light. Mavis feels he'll electrocute himself. Derek is puzzled when water drips through his drill hole. Hanif is pleased when Denise lets him kiss her. The Wiltons realise the water is coming from Reg's flat and fears he might be ill and have left the bath running. They rush to the flat and bang on the door. Reg and Maureen are stopped from making love and Maureen is caught up in the bed as the water gushes out of it. Reg is furious to discover Derek has drilled into the water bed. Doug has no rent for the Duckworths, telling them he's got a car deal on and they'll have the rent soon. Maureen feels humiliated and refuses to have anything to do with Reg anymore.


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