Episode 3543
Production code P694/2543
ITV transmission date 19th May 1993 (Wednesday)
Story associates Marvin Close
Julie Rutterford
Jan McVerry
Writer Tom Elliott
Designer Chris Truelove
Director Eugene Ferguson
Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Previous episode 17th May 1993
Next episode 21st May 1993


Bet tells Alf about the supposed road-widening. He worries as it may affect the shop sale. Des phones Mr Wilkie and is depressed when he refuses to buy a house next to a madman. Alf tells Bet there are no plans to widen Rosamund Street. Brendan delights in telling Reg that one of the managers must go. Reg begs him not to choose him, knowing the more he crawls the more likely he is to be sacked. Alf is stunned when Reg and Maureen look over the shop. Raquel attends a club social with Wayne Farrell and Gordon Blinkhorn. Her plans for a romantic afternoon are spoilt when Serena Black takes Wayne off for an interview. Alf is certain that Reg is only prying and refuses to let him see the accounts. Audrey overrides him and hands them over. Derek is annoyed that he put the buyer off No.6 as he wants Des to move. He tries to retrieve the van pieces he threw over the fence. Doug tries to stop him and Des has to separate them. He then realises Mr Wilkie has called round and witnessed the spectacle. Mr Wilkie tells Des that there's no way he'd buy the house now. Bet discovers Harry Potts pulled the same trick with loads of landladies. Reg returns the accounts and offers £65,000. Alf tells him to get lost. Des accuses Doug of messing up his life and gives him twenty-four hours to leave.


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