Brendan Scott starts at the Corner Shop and changes the sign to "Best Buys". He insists on formality between himself and Deirdre and plans on changing the shop's stock. Jim insists on going to court. Brendan refuses Phyllis credit and tells her that he's stopping all such schemes. Reg tells Curly that he will be on the interview board for the manager's job. The court hearing is transferred for a hearing at the Crown Court but this might take a year to be heard. Jack invites Don to a game of cards at Curly's house. Derek is not given the position or title of "Head" Caretaker due to cuts but he will get an "auxilliary". Vera pops into the corner shop where Brendan tells her that he bought their debt to Alf. She owes him £220 and he wants it by the end of the week.


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