Curly is certain that Elaine Fenwick has the job and worries about his future. Audrey panics when she can't find her credit cards. She is horrified when Alf admits that he's cut them so she wouldn't be tempted to use them. Reg tells Curly that, thanks to his recommendation, he has got the job. Curly celebrates. Elaine forces herself to congratulate him but tells him that Reg obviously wants him in his pocket. Jim hears that his mother has had a heart attack and he makes plans to visit her. Steve agrees to keep an eye on the house. Elaine delights in telling Curly that she's staying at Weatherfield as his full-time assistant. Colin Barnes enjoys himself on leave from the Merchant Marine and tries to impress the local ladies. He tells Des that he needs time to think. Liz tells Jim that she's sorry about his mother and asks him to send her love. She feels uncomfortable being with him.


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