Brendan transforms the shop into an old-fashioned grocery and decks himself out in boater and overall. He changes the name again to "Scott's Provisions" and starts a mature customers' voucher scheme, worth 50p given every time an OAP spends £10. Deirdre isn't happy with her mop cap and frilly apron. Colin Barnes charms Raquel and she agrees to see him on her evening off. Reg finds a buyer for Maureen's house. Curly is annoyed when Reg takes Maureen out of work to show the man around. Mrs Ruparell quizzes Denise about her attitude to men and learns that she's going out with Hanif for a laugh. Denise is stunned when Mrs Ruparell tells her who she is and that Hanif talks as if he wants to marry her. Mrs Ruparell asks her not to hurt Hanif. Joe takes Sally and the children to the park whilst Kevin works late. Deirdre has enough of customers laughing at her. When Ken finds it humorous, she takes the cap off and refuses to wear it. Maud doesn't want to leave the house. Reg keeps her out of the way whilst Maureen shows Mr Stevens round. Maud sees him and tells him that the house has mice and rising damp. Mr Stevens is put off and leaves. Denise is flattered that Hanif loves her and doesn't want to lose him. Raquel is put out to find Colin chatting Fiona up. Colin takes Fiona dancing. Hanif explains to Denise that he told his mother he loved her to get out of an arranged marriage. Denise is hurt when he goes on about how funny it is and promises he has no strong feelings for her.


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