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Episode 356 (11th May 1964)

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Episode 356
Production code P228/356
ITV transmission date 11th May 1964 (Monday)
Stories by Harry Driver
George Reed
Writer Lynn Foster
Designer Peter Caldwell
Director Richard Everitt
Producer Margaret Morris
Previous episode 6th May 1964
Next episode 13th May 1964


Frank starts throwing his weight about the Street. Martha is invited to Spain with the family for a holiday - her first trip abroad. Len is sued by Minnie's solicitor. He has no orders coming in and has to sack Eddie and Jerry. George Dickinson agrees to pay the Booths' debts if they'll live with him. Myra blames it on Jerry not earning enough. Jerry gives up and agrees to everything George and Myra says. Len settles out of court and gives Ena £50.


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