Episode 3574
Production code P694/2574
ITV transmission date 30th July 1993 (Friday)
Story associates Marvin Close
Julie Rutterford
Jan McVerry
Gary Brown
Writer John Stevenson
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Charles Lauder
Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Previous episode 28th July 1993
Next episode 2nd August 1993


Derek is in agony with his back. Andy convinces Amy that they do have a lot to talk about. Curly is stunned when Elaine Fenwick catches Vera shoplifting on the security monitor. Mavis is put out when Raquel massages Derek's back. Derek thinks she's got a wonderful touch. Rather than have security pick Vera up outside the shop, Curly confronts her at the checkout and finds tins hidden in the pushchair. Vera is furious at being called a thief and swears she only put the tins in with Tommy because her basket was full. Elaine discovers Curly used to lodge with Vera and realises he stopped her from getting into heavy trouble. Mavis gets rid of Raquel as she can't take anymore of watching Derek in ecstasy. Curly lets Vera off with a caution. Elaine accuses him of letting her off and threatens to tell Head Office. Vera tells Jack about the incident and admits she was confused and didn't know what she was doing. She breaks down and he comforts her. Alma, Don, Denise and Angie go along to The Queens. They agree to cheer Jack on. Colin comperes the evening. Jack enjoys himself, calling himself "Jackie Duckworth Jnr". He doesn't go down very well. He is amazed when Angie and Denise take the stage and prove a hit. Curly tries to explain to Vera he was acting in her interest. He offers her a loan to help but she refuses his charity.


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