Episode 3576
Production code P694/2576
ITV transmission date 4th August 1993 (Wednesday)
Story associates Marvin Close
Julie Rutterford
Jan McVerry
Gary Brown
Writer Patrea Smallacombe
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Romey Allison
Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Previous episode 2nd August 1993
Next episode 6th August 1993


Jim returns from Belfast. He is put out as Steve isn't pleased to see him back. Curly begs Reg to help him out but Elaine Fenwick's complaint has already reached Bettabuy's Head Office. Jim realises that it's up to him to sort all his problems out. Rita shows Maud, Maureen and Reg round Ted Sullivan's house. Maureen is cold towards Rita as she knows that Reg fancied her. Reg is eager to find fault in the house as he doesn't want to live with Maud. After he tells Maureen that Rita doesn't compare to her, Maureen mellows and finds the house charming. Reg tells Rita that he's only interested if she drops £10,000 off the asking price. Raquel wants to learn French for when she goes on holiday with Gordon Blinkhorn and his friends. Maureen is disappointed when Reg tells her that Rita won't accept their offer on the house. He is amazed when Rita tells them she will accept £65,000. Maureen is delighted but Reg realises that he's going to be stuck with Maud. Liz finds that she can't resist Colin Barnes and they kiss passionately. Steve is embarrassed to see them as he moves back into The Queens.


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