Episode 357
Martha heartattack
Production code P228/357
ITV transmission date 13th May 1964 (Wednesday)
Stories by Harry Driver
George Reed
Writer John Pennington
Designer Peter Caldwell
Director Richard Everitt
Producer Tim Aspinall
Previous episode 11th May 1964
Next episode 18th May 1964


Martha tries to boast about her passport and foreign holiday but no one is interested. Frank sells his shop to Summitt Supermarkets for £6,000. He buys a new car, a white zodiac, and throws a party in the Rovers. Jerry finishes at the Builder's Yard with Len's best wishes and is taken on at Roscoe & Pitts. Martha goes into town and gets a passport. All the residents join Frank for his private party at the Rovers where he boasts about his good fortune. The residents drink Frank's free champagne but grow annoyed as he lords it over them. Martha starts to feel unwell as no one takes notice of her passport. Ena plays the piano as Martha sits alone in the snug where she suffers a sudden heart attack. Myra spots her slumped over the table and Jerry alerts Jack and Annie. They find she has died. Ena is distraught and the shocked neighbours silently leave the pub and return to their homes.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



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