Episode 3595
Production code P694/2595
ITV transmission date 17th September 1993 (Friday)
Story associates Gary Brown
Jan McVerry
Julie Rutterford
Writer Julian Roach
Designer Christopher Walker
Director Eugene Ferguson
Producer Carolyn Reynolds
Previous episode 15th September 1993
Next episode 20th September 1993


Maureen spends the night with Curly. Next day they both have hangovers and regret the night before. Alf decides the only way to get a quick sale is to auction the house. He is thrilled when Audrey agrees to move and tells him that she'll resign from the dress shop. Jack wears a show business shirt to work to impress Tanya. Andy worries about telling his parents about his plans. Amy fears that they will blame her for leading him astray. Curly and Maureen agree that Reg must never know about their night together. They agree they were ships in the night. Reg begs Maureen to give him chance to explain but she tells him that she now knows he's not the only man who can make her happy. Reg tells Rita that he won't be buying the house anymore. Deirdre is upset when Debi Scott pays her off. Debi sells the stock off to Mr Patel. Jenny Bradley returns to the Street with a rare dog - a Japanese Akita called Mitzi. Rita is pleased to see her and agrees to let her stay. Andy backs out of breaking the news to Jim when he hears Jim telling Mike that he's proud of him. Reg asks Curly to keep an eye on Maureen for him as he suspects there's another man in the picture. Curly feels wretched.


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