Alf is pleased that he kept his shop sign but is horrified when Audrey drives over it, smashing it. Emily helps Bernard organise a car boot sale. Jenny doesn't understand why Rita lives in the Street when she's got a house in Oakhill. Mavis tries to explain how the house is tainted because of the court case but Jenny doesn't understand. Jim tells Denise that he doesn't know where he stands with Liz. She tells him that if he slept with Liz he wouldn't be able to cite adultery in a divorce against her. He realises that Liz must have slept with him on purpose. Mark plays for the under 13's rugby team at school. Ken calls at Tracy's flat and meets Craig. He urges Tracy not to cut herself off from Deirdre. She tells him that if he cares he'll leave her alone. Jenny suggests to Rita that she sells the flat and they live together at Highbank. Rita sees through her, telling her it's obvious that she's counting on the house as inheritance.


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