Alf and Deirdre set the shop up but Deirdre's heart isn't in it. Jim talks to solicitor Peter Lloyd about getting a divorce. He is advised to cite unreasonable behaviour. Deirdre doesn't understand why Tracy doesn't want to see her. Ivy babysits so Kevin can take Sally out for an anniversary meal at a customer's Greek restaurant. Tracy is furious when Deirdre calls on her. Deirdre asks Craig why he can't find someone his own age to sleep with. Tracy tells Deirdre that she has no right checking up on her. Deirdre threatens to drag her home but Tracy pushes her away, telling her that she doesn't want to see her again. Kevin is horrified to find that the restaurant is really a kebab house. The Websters feel out of place as they're dressed up. Jenny cooks Rita a special meal. Rita is stunned when Jenny asks her to lend her £30,000 so that she can open her own beauty salon. Denise gets fed up as Jim questions her about divorces. Jenny is miffed when Rita refuses to lend her the money. She tells Rita that it's not fair as she always seems to profit from her tragedies but Jenny doesn't. Rita is furious and tells her that she'll never see a penny of her money when she dies. She writes Jenny a cheque for a thousand pounds and tells her to be gone by morning.


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