Episode 360
Episode 360
Production code P228/360
ITV transmission date 25th May 1964 (Monday)
Stories by Harry Driver
George Reed
Writer Jack Rosenthal
Designer Peter Caldwell
Director Douglas Hurn
Producer Tim Aspinall
Previous episode 20th May 1964
Next episode 27th May 1964


Annie is in a somewhat maudlin mood as she sweeps outside the Rovers but is cheered up when Albert tells her she's in the prime of her life. Elsie is in a similar mood but doesn't receive any such compliments from Dennis. Swindley returns to Gamma Garments. He approves of how Emily has run the shop in his absence and she is euphoric that he is back. Charlie moves his belongings, including his pigeons, into the street on a handcart and leaves it outside the Rovers while he takes Albert in for a drink. Albert recalls seeing Charlie's act at Platt Fields. Charlie has been told by Gus Lowman that Dennis will find him digs but the regulars tell him not to expect too much from him. Dennis accidentally lets the pigeons loose and they fly off. Emily bemoans her single state to Val. Charlie tells Dennis that the pigeons are not homing ones and that they are worth £48 in an attempt to force him to give him digs at No.11. Dennis falls for the con and tells him that his mum will be very amenable to the idea of him being a lodger. Charlie makes him move his belongings into the house. Emily tries to point out to an uncomprehending Swindley the similarities between them. Lucille mentions to her that as it's a leap year women can propose to men, giving her pause for thought. Elsie finds the handcart outside No.11 when she returns home and wonders what Dennis is up to. She is not pleased to find Charlie in residence and tells him to leave. She erupts when he criticises her size and goes for him and Dennis, who both hastily retreat. Charlie insists that he carry out Gus's instructions and finds him alternative digs. Swindley admits to Emily that he is lonely now he no longer has his sister's company.


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